Our Story

 We are a crew of people that were raised in the incredible community of Moab, Utah. Because of the influence of the Moab community we became:

Mountain Bikers

Rock Climbers


River Runners


Outdoor Enthusiast


Because of who we are and how we have been raised we take adventuring seriously. We have always been on the lookout for a stylish pair of shades that would last us a long time but all of those usually came with a big price tag!

So now we have dedicated ourselves to discovering and designing the best styles that won't break your bank account so you can have more time to keep ADVENTURING ON!!!

Become Part of The Moabist tribe:

We invite you to become a Moabist. The "-ist" suffix in the name denotes a system of beliefs. We invite everyone to care about the world. We take care to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing availability. Please if you visit Moab or any other place in the world, be careful and caring because we need to share this beautiful world with others. We believe everyone should have access to the land including future generations. Our greatest desire is to give back. We give our time, and our support to causes that we believe in.

The Design:

We strive to create products that are ergonomic, functional, and incredibly stylish.

We offer a one-year manufacturing warranty again defects. Shoot us an email with a picture of your shades, an explanation of why this is a manufacturing defect, and your proof of purchase and we will see what we can do.