Our Story

We are a crew of people that were raised in the incredible community of Moab, Utah. Because of the influence of the Moab community we became:

Mountain Bikers

Rock Climbers


River Runners


Outdoor Enthusiast


We've been taught to love the world and feel responsibility to care for it especially our hometown of Moab, Utah. For this reason we created our "Organically Awesome" line of sunglasses to demote the amount of harmful toxins that plastic sunglass frames do to the environment when lost in our beautiful backcountry.

Become a Moabist

We invite you to become a Moabist. The "-ist" suffix in the name denotes a system of beliefs. We invite everyone to care about the environment. We want to minimize our environmental impact, while maximizing availability. We believe everyone should have access to the land including future generations. Our greatest desire is to give back. We give our time, and our support to causes that we believe in.

A portion of every sale gets donated back to the community. By wearing and using any of our Moabist products you become a local and give to a cause that supports the community.

The Design

We strive to create products that are ergonomic, organic, functional and incredibly stylish.

Our designs are inspired by the unique system of beliefs that Moab holds as a community. in many cases we've chosen bamboo as the body, because it is one of the fastest growing renewable resources. Having an organic body means that most of the watch and sunglass will decompose gracefully in the environment.

What if I break my shades? We offer a lifetime warranty. If anything breaks shoot us a email and a picture of your product and we will have you pay a small $30 stocking, shipping and processing fee.